Chocks Away

So after some serious thinking and a lot of procrastination, i decided i’d start a blog. There are so many of these things, it seems hard, when thinking about it, to be able to generate material that people might find interesting.

Then it struck me!! Maybe people get fed up of doing what i do…. which is scour the internet after bar shifts when i should be sleeping, seeking out new products, or drinks ideas, or funny drink quotes, or awesome collectibles, or pointless arguments about a certain cocktail’s origins, or alcohols we will never taste again, or what bartenders are winning comps, which brands are hot, what books are the best, what flavours are ‘sooooo hot right now’, who has the best purees, equipment, bitters, vintage glassware, infusion recipes blah blah blah.

It goes on.  So i guess im going to just post things i like and find interesting and collate this information on one page. Then also, through some persuasion by a good friend of mine and booze confidant, commit my own thoughts/techniques to various media and help share the love of alcohol, the mixed drink and the art of bartending.

Even if this reaches a very few, and they have the occasion and inclination to try a new drink or learn something new or even just ponder for a moment as to why the hell the bartender has left my drink diluting like that whilst he talks to his manager about some bloody form that isn’t filled out right! (That’s right! There will be an inevitable rant at some point about things that grind my gears!)

I hope you enjoy the pic at the top. Found and then published in the San Francisco Chronicle, where the legendary Gary Regan writes his musings, this is an AutoBar, capable of dispensing Scotch and Bourbon and up to 3, yes 3, mixers. Doesn’t it look like fun though! Any ideas with how you would tweak what you would store in the bottles?


4 Responses to “Chocks Away”

  1. February 17, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    They should hang this picture in each of the Bottle rooms at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The rooms service straight spirits and some popular cocktails to the automated bars that keep the gaming floor watered… so to speak… cranking out thousands of drinks a day!

    we have come a long way baby!

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