Inevitable Hangover Blog

It was only a matter of time, i just hadn’t expected it to come around so soon!

I fear this post is going to be short and sweet, but no matter, some things to say. Last night was a hilarious mixture of calamity, kick ass bartending, and carnage on the shot front. You see, it was Sebastian Hamilton Mudge’s birthday and myself and Mr Matt Green, who i worked with for many a year, hopped on down to falmouth to Seb’s bar so he and his staff could enjoy a circus themed drinkfest.

Dave, the other owner of the bar became our bar-back for the night (kinda by accident) and a slightly addled Eric Chan, owner of The Blush Lounge in Plymouth did some serious glass collecting. It was one of those nights when you’re in the zone and can just take whatever comes at you!

Last night there was nothing bad, it was all fun! One scenario popped up time and time again though. Bartenders out there will be familiar with this situation and how it can go. Someone comes to the bar and says, ‘i don’t know what i’d like’. It is, after all, your job to do this for your guests, to aid their choice in libations and make recommendations. However, it comes in two ways…


a) the indecisive guest will embrace and accept that they don’t really know what they’d like, maybe they’ve never had cocktails before, but they are at least willing to try something and trust in your creativity and knowledge. They will give you a rough idea of what they normally drink and any potent dislikes and off you go, make the drink, hopefully they like and shower you with tips and you make their evening.

b) the indecisive guest will have decided that they are incapable of any sort of decision and lose memory of all their taste experiences leading up to that point. They will presume that along with your hard earned knowledge and skillful pours, comes some inherent ability to mind read (actually, this brings to mind the video posted below).

There was so much of this going on ‘whatever you think is best my friend!’

I embraced that challenge last night, and to be honest, most of the time it does work out fine. It is frustrating and limiting on creativity though, when you don’t have a starting point. Like an artist waiting for inspiration before scratching the first pencil line on a canvas.

I will close this up now, but before i go find more water and shed this sledgehammer that’s pounding at my temples, a question for you. When at a restaurant, how many times have you sat down, flippantly shoved the menu aside and said to the waiter…

Oh i’m not sure really, whatever you think is best mate!


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