Plymsmith Martini

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So in the past 2 weeks, myself and a chemistry undergraduate/gin geek, Mr Ed Hayward, carried out a little experiment at Blush in Plymouth following one of those ‘early morning wake up ideas’.

We had martinis made for us with the same spec (1/4 oz Lillet Blanc : 2 oz Gin – so we could evaluate complimenting botanicals for each without those of the vermouth adding to the equation) for Plymouth Gin and Sipsmith Gin. We are both fans of both!

The Plymouth martini is awesome. It’s so gentle and dare i say it, a ‘morning’ martini, in that, you could drink this with ease at any time of day even morning. It’s botanicals are largely absent of bitterness and it’s bouquet is soft and pleasing.

The Sipsmith is a slap in the face martini. Also awesome, however, it’s bitter botanicals really strike you at the back so you know what you’re drinking. It’s still wonderfully complex, but packs more punch.

So lastly, we mixed Plymouth and Sipsmith equal parts and used that as our gin t the same Lillet ratio. Now without garnish, i think i preferred the Sipsmith ( the shock! the horror!) although that might have been down to my mood at the time. When all -3 were completed, each had their own merits but the Plimsmith martini held something rather special. At once smooth and biting, full in flavour and with so much length to the finish that you might actually end up letting your martini get warm!

PLEASE try this drink! It’s awesome.


2 Responses to “Plymsmith Martini”

  1. 1 don
    March 20, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Interesting. I’ll try it. Can we review it? We are actively collecting, reviewing, sharing and rating unique and exotic martini’s at The Ultimate Martini Blog. Click on my name to visit the blog, submit recipes, or review others.

    • 2 Drinksbyjohn
      March 21, 2010 at 10:02 pm

      By all means don, feel free to review. It is a very full bodied martini with the benefits of both gins really shining in true dry martini fashion. I had a bartender make it for me at Match in London the other day and it was just how i remembered it, something quite special about it for -me.



      oh, will add your blog to my links roll on the right

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