Bourbon Quote

I’ve just finished reading Henry G Crowgey’s book ‘Kentucky Bourbon – The Early Years Of Whiskeymaking’

What a great read. Crowgley was Professor of history at University of North Carolina and his scholarship is reflected in the expert treatise on the subject of the history of Whiskey making. He breaks down the subject into chapters including the early colonial settling of the United States, movements around the Mississippi, the progression of technique in distilling, the effects of Taxation (not just the whiskey rebellion! and the evolution of Bourbon ‘defined’.

A must read guys and gals…. i leave you with the following excerpt which i love, and perfcetly surmises that feeling when you have just finished your last sip of a great Bourbon.

Ben Perley Poore, a celebrated journalist, editor and author from the mid 19th century, gave the following rhyme in response to a toast in 1857….

“Long, long be my heart with rich memories filled,
Like a vase in which roses have once been distilled,
You may break – you ay ruin the vase if you will,
But the scent of that Bourbon will linger there still.”

Isn’t that just peachy!



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