Bar Show Season

Hello Everybody

Last week at an event, i put my back out so finally have some time to write a blog.  Recently, I had a brief chat with Dan Priseman, Four Roses Ambassador and writer of the brilliant Bitters and Twisted blog http://www.bittersandtwisted.com/

We talked briefly about the difficulty of writing and maintaining a blog. It can take some time to find something you want to write about, or it will be the case that you have done something you want to write about, but then ‘lose the moment’.  That means that the event passed and its kind of too long ago now for it to be relevant.

I have wanted to write about quite a few things of late, but as i’ve not had much chance, i thought i’d be cheeky and post some links to fellow bloggers who have already covered the material! I do also intend to write something, but in terms of covering events, please see the links below.

I attended the Elements Eight Re -Invent the Daiquiri comp which was AWESOME fun. A round up of which can be found here.


As for Bar Show 10, this was also something i was going to write on, Dan has covered it here…

http://www.bittersandtwisted.com/content/raising-bar-show there – are also some interesting -comments around Imbibe.

Personally, i thought Imbibe rocked. If they can move the Drinks Factory talks from Bar Show to the Imbibe show, they’ll have it nailed. I thought it was fantastic. Bar Show was an absolute mess. Entry charges, then no entry charges. Distinct absence of product to try. Poor layout.

As for Distil, or as a friend of mine called it, the Mexican Spirits Show, a long way to go to taste products that may never reach the UK market. The wine section, obviously, is superb. Actually overwhelmingly good and so much to take in i had to go twice.

There are obviously some shows left this year, as well as London Cocktail Week (being put together and hosted by CLASS) which will coincide with the brilliant http://www.rumfest.co.uk and then a little later in the year, http://www.boutiquebarshow.com

So we still have a lot of stuff to see before the summer is over and the night draws in.

Oh, you Londoners should also check out the Freepour site on Facebook. This is a competition which this year will see Londons finest pitched against the South West (my home turf). Held in Falmouth. There is also a bar show element to the day.


Finally, i hope everyone at Tales of the Cocktail is having a wonderful time and i hate you all.

Big Love




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