Bless me bartenders for i have sinned!

It has been 11 days since my last blog!

My apologies. But between packing up shop in Plymouth and saying goodbye to all the wonderful people there (and a few large gins to boot!), and then returning to London and catching up with old friends and settling in, i have had very little time to get this done.

However, rest assured, i’m back!

So after my last blog, i realised i had become rather flippant in my posts, not retaining much focus and embracing subjects that were actually far too large really! So i intend to bring a slightly more attentive and detailed subject to mind with each post from now on and see how that works out.

Keep your eyes peeled later today for some rather interesting words on napkins!

Oh and the picture at the top i saw somewhere and just had to post it because it’s awesome.


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