Hey All,

It feels like every time i start a blog, i have to apologise for my delay since the last time. So again, sorry, been very busy working, writing, drinking, holidaying etc.

So the news of the moment is that i’m settled in now over at SAF in Shoreditch. I’ll post some info on drinks, food menu soon along with some pictures.  It’s a fun bar to work with a laid back team, a great menu and working with a superb recipe writer in the form of Joe McCanta who is a founding member of the company.

A second SAF has opened recently at Whole Foods in South Kensington. Check them both out. When i started, i was excited by the cocktail menu, offering and style but a little hesitant, no, rather ‘unenthused’ by the food concept as i am a carnivore through and through.  I am LOVING it though, the food is fantastically tasty and an incredible experience, probably more so for meat eaters than vegans!

Go, come say hi! Try the Rickshaw, details below!


Cardamom Pods Cracked, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Homemade Lemongrass Syrup, Fresh Basil and Coriander, Heirloom Tomato (currently yellow/red Pomodorinos) and Juniper Green Organic Gin.

Shaken and Served Straight Up

Soooooooo good.

Second Post to follow….

In the meeantime, be sure to look for Plymouths Cocktail Comp being held at Blush in Plymouth later this month. If you are in London, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=121868684492953 This is gonna be worth a look, as is the Elements Eight competition around the Bar Show.

Later this year, FreePour will be hosted by Seb and 8 Bar in Falmouth in conjunction with Pernod Ricard at the Falmouth Pavillion.

And finally, there may well be a fun tiki style comp in -the wings for Trois Rivieres! Watch this space!


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